Avantech fleet counts:

32 – Articulated Dump Trucks, of which:
4x Bell B35D
14x Bell B40D
9x Bell B40E
2x Bell B45D

33 – Rigid Dump Trucks (100T), of which:
20x Komatsu HD785-5 and HD785-7
9x Sany SRT95C
6x Hitachi EH1700-3
4x Caterpillar 777D

2 – Rigid Dump Trucks (60T):
2x Sany SKT90MT

10 – Track Bull Dozers, of which:
3x Caterpillar D10T
1x Caterpillar D10R
1x Caterpillar D8T
3x Liebherr PR764
1x Liebherr PR754
1x Shantui SD22W

19 – Excavators, of which:
1x Hitachi EX2600
1x Hitachi EX2500
1x Hitachi EX1900
1x Hitachi EX1200
1x Hitachi ZX870-5
3x Liebherr R984CHD
1x Liebherr R914
7x Sany SY750H
1x Sany SY500H
1x Sany SY465C
1x Sany SY365H
1x Sany SY235C

5x Wheel Loaders
2x Tyre Handlers
2x Forklifts
1x Rigid Backhoe Loader
3x Graders
1x Compactor
4x Fuel Bowsers
4x Water Bowsers
2x Cranes (30T and 130T)
1x Service Truck
1x Low Bed Truck

Plus a number of other light and semi-light service vehicles.